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Entry Info & Fee Structure

Entry Information

For an entry to be valid, prospective competitors have to complete an electronic entry form which can be accessed at

The closing date of Zero Hour entries will be on 15 October 2023 at 2000 GMT +2 .

Last minute entries will be accepted from 16 October but not latter than 20 Nov. *Conditions will apply ,email  for specifics.

All entries have to be done online and will be of immediate effect once payment is recieved. Competitors will only be eligible for the discounted prices if they pay and forward proof of payment to during the valid period(s). If the payment, or the proof thereof, is not received within the period of entry, the payment will be adjusted according to the period in which the fee is paid. Cash payments can be arranged to be paid at Registration- Documentation on the 29th Nov with the Roof Organizer but will be charged at the last minute rates no matter when the entry was done.

Event Fee Structure

Holeshot Entries from 1 June – 25 June 2023 @ R6500.00

Idler Entries from 26 June – 11 September 2023 @ R7200.00

Zero-hour Entries from 12 September – 15 October 2023 @ R8500.00

Last minute Entries from 15 October – 20 November 2023 @9500.00

International Athletes should pay via EFT  but can also choose to pay in their local currency in Cash at documentation. NB – contact the organizers at to arrange this.

Due to this condition, international competitors will have a fixed rate based on their currency:

International: 1 June – 15 October 2023

  • Pound Sterling @ £390
  • Euro @ €450
  • Dollar @ $480


The Roof of Africa is affiliated with MSA and as such no other licenses will be accepted during the entry process.

Competitors, residing in South Africa or Lesotho, need to hold a valid MSA Cross Country Motorcycle or Enduro License. This license has to be a club / regional / national or one-event license.

International Class competitors (Non-RSA Residents) need to hold a FIM license valid for the event, as well as a starting permission from their home National Motorsport Federation (FMN).  A copy of the competitor’s passport is also required to be forwarded. This letter, passport and FIM License copy must be sent to the organisers and MSA (Carmen Hill –

International Class Competitors (RSA Residents) will need to hold a MSA National Cross Country Motorcycle or Enduro license, and then upgrade same to a FIM International license.

FIM licenses can be obtained from Carmen Hill

MSA Licenses can be obtained online from

What do you get when you enter the Roof of Africa?

An adventure of a lifetime in the Kingdom in the Sky

A new urban prologue like no other ( aka street race )

A Roof of Africa rider T-shirt (not for sale to non-riders)

Specialized Tracking Solutions including dedicated tracking screen at race headquarters

Superior medical services covering the air and the ground

Dedicated medical helicopter on standby at the race venue

Accurate and lightning fast release of results

Clean ablution points at the pits and outside refuel

Professional GPS services

Over 400km of marked routes

Official Roof of Africa Digital Magazine

High quality trophies and finishers medals

Local simcard

Rider goodie bag

Chance to win your share of R 150 000 prize money

Recharge Your Battery water and snack points at the unassisted refuels

Fuel provided with your entry at the Outside unassisted refuels on day 2 and 3

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