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Booking accommodation is the responsibility of the competitor and as such the onus lies on the rider to enquire about the refund policies the accommodation institutions have in place.

Possible accommodation sites:
Name of hotel / lodge / guesthouseContact number(s)
Avani Lesotho Hotel and Casino+26622243000
Avani Maseru Hotel+26622243000
Black Swan Guesthouse+26622317700 | +26658811981
Blue Crane Bed and Breakfast+26622318236
Botleng Lodge+26662004000
City Stay+27818173363
Denver Echo Exec. Guest House+26657619738 | +26668671882
Garden of Eden+26669356296 | +26659952768
Good night Lodge+26658853553
Horizon View Guest House+26663829699
Joy Guest House Mabote+26662559600 | +26663737388
Khotsong Lodge+26652500113
Kick4Life Hotel and Conference Centre+26622310488 | +26623312150
Khali Hotel+22622326326 | +26663472851
Lancer's Inn+26622312114
Lion Rock View Guesthouse+26658740728
Metolong Backpackers+26658882829 | +26662008181
Mmelesi Lodge+26652500006 | +26652501115
Mohalalitoe Bed and Breakfast+26663622612
Mohokare Guest House+26622314442
Molengoane Lodge+26622347766
Noble Hearts Bed and Breakfast+26658866632
Ramabanta Trading Post Lodge+26622340203 | +26650245001
Rio Guest House Lesotho+26650731050
Roma Trading Post Lodge+26650245001
Road Stay+26628333046
Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village+26627021962
The Anne Guest House+26658883454
The Clan Guest House+26622332008 | +26658332008
Thetsane Bed and Breakfast+26658844770
Tribute Guest House Matala+26622325356
Morija Guest House+27738735435
K4 Bed and Breakfast+26658880266 | +26662777999
ONESI Guest House+26659149296 | +26663119286
EXR Construction (Pty) Ltd+27832476792
The Mirage Resort, Roma Maseru+26650489313 |
+266 51643744
Shoeshoe Villa Guesthouse+26628347646
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