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Michelin Tyre Service: Ready for the Roof of Africa 2024
Get set for the Roof of Africa 2024 with an exclusive offer from Bike Tyre Warehouse and Michelin!
Why Choose Michelin?
Equip your bike with the tyres chosen by the pros! Michelin’s top-performing tyres are here to give you the edge in this legendary race.
Exclusive Pre-Order Discounts for Roof of Africa Competitors:
  • Aug – October Special: Enjoy a 10% discount on pre-orders placed during October.
  • November Special: Secure a 5% discount on pre-orders placed during November.
  • Priority Stock Access: Pre-order now to ensure your tyres are reserved on a priority basis—first come, first served!
How to Pre-Order:
  • Visit Bike Tyre Warehouse with proof of your Roof of Africa 2024 entry to claim your discount.
  • This offer is available exclusively at Bike Tyre Warehouse!
On-Site Support:
  • Priority Stock: Limited stock will be available on-site at the Roof of Africa 2024, subject to availability.
  • Free Tyre Assistance: Michelin and Bike Tyre Warehouse will provide complimentary tyre support for all competitors throughout the event.
Don’t Miss Out!
Pre-order your Michelin tyres today and ensure you’re equipped for the ultimate Hard Enduro challenge. Beat the rising costs and supply issues of 2023 and secure your tyres now!
For more details and to place your pre-order, visit [Bike Tyre Warehouse](insert link here).
Race with the best—race with Michelin!


Location: Maseru Mall 
Elevate your race experience with Motul’s Eco-Friendly Bike Wash!
At the end of each day’s competition, head to Bushman’s Pass for a comprehensive wash using Moto Wash from Motul’s MC Care range. This biodegradable degreaser ensures your bike remains in peak condition while respecting the environment.
Motul Bike Wash Highlights:
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Featuring ten dedicated wash bays, the Motul Bike Wash is designed for efficiency and ease, keeping your bike race-ready day after day.
  • Eco-Friendly: Moto Wash is fully biodegradable, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Sponsored Water Tanks: Thanks to Eco Tanks, our water sponsor, we have ample supply for the bike wash.
Giving Back to the Community:
  • Community Donation: After the Roof of Africa 2024, the water tanks will be donated to local communities for essential water storage.
  • Long-Term Support: Eco Tanks has pledged to provide water tanks for the next three years, extending benefits to more local communities each year.
Join Us at Maseru Mall day 1 or Matsieng Race Village 
Ensure your bike shines through every stage of the Roof of Africa. Visit the Motul Eco-Friendly Bike Wash at Bushman’s Pass and enjoy premium bike care while contributing to a sustainable future.
Motul – Caring for your bike and the planet.


USN is thrilled to be the official nutrition partner for the Roof of Africa 2024, one of the planet’s most grueling races.
Partnering with the leaders in endurance sports, we’re committed to enhancing the racing experience with top-tier nutritional support.
Conquer the Ultimate Challenge
The Roof of Africa, renowned as the “Mother of Hard Enduro,” pushes riders to their absolute limits. Navigating the rugged terrains of the stunning Maloti mountains at high altitudes, over extended periods, demands both mental resilience and peak physical condition.
Fueling Your Performance
With an average Roof rider burning an extraordinary amount of calories per hour, optimal nutrition and supplementation are crucial. As the official nutrition partner, USN is here to support you with a comprehensive race strategy to help you prepare effectively, sustain performance, and recover rapidly.
USN Support Throughout the Race
  • Daily Activations: The USN Team will be on-site daily at the race start, along the route at water points, and at the post-race recovery zone.
  • Essential Products: Our products, including mineral and electrolyte replenishments and hydration solutions, will be available to keep you at peak performance throughout the race.
  • Training Integration: Familiarize yourself with our products and incorporate them into your training routine. Acclimating your body to the supplements during training will ensure maximum efficiency during the race.
  • 20% discount code can be use for all Roof of Africa entrants on all purchases via  Codes will expire 15th Nov (Code  Coming soon!)
New Race Supplementation Plan Coming Soon!
Stay tuned for our latest race supplementation plan, designed to help you tackle the Roof of Africa 2024 with confidence. Prepare to ride harder, last longer, and recover faster with USN.
For more information, visit,
Get ready to conquer the Roof of Africa—fuelled by USN!


Are you gearing up for the Roof of Africa and want to ensure peak health performance, and recovery? Visit our Medical  IV Bar for customized intravenous vitamin drips designed to keep you at your best throughout the event.
Our specially formulated vitamin drips are perfect for boosting immunity, speeding up recovery after a demanding day of racing, combating illness, or dealing with the strain of the African sun. They enhance energy levels, hydration, and concentration.
Whether you’re recovering from a hangover or need a performance boost, our drips have you covered, helping you excel on the rugged terrain of the Roof of Africa.
You don’t like needles, take it easy. Our registered nurses provide the drips with the utmost care in a tranquil and comfortable lounge setting. Say goodbye to needle anxiety and hello to rejuvenation!
Whether you’re recovering from an intense race or gearing up for upcoming challenges, our IV vitamin therapy delivers 100% nutrient absorption, giving you the edge you need to tackle the Roof of Africa. Pre Book your session at The IV ROOF Bar today and feel the difference!
Benefits of the IV Bar:
  • ·       Up your energy, while reducing fatigue
  • ·       Increase sports endurance
  • ·       Accelerate muscle recovery
  • ·       Decrease stress and anxiety
  • ·       Elevate mental clarity
  • ·       Reduce pain and inflammation
  • ·       Improve sleep quality
  • ·       Enhance fertility
  • ·       Detox the body
The Roof Hanger or Crew recovery line.
After a long hard day on the bike we all need a long hard night to talk about war stories and near misses, this is the drip that will get you back to your best for another day behind the bars.
Vitamin B12 and Vitamin BCo will improve mood and reduce fatigue, Magnesium reduces nausea and headaches, Glutathione detoxes the body, and 1L of saline rehydrates the body.
± 45 minutes in 1L of rehydrating saline
PRICE: R1000 (200 ml saline)
PRICE: R1 050 (1L saline)
HARD Enduro Blast and Recovery
Whether you are a Roof Golden goose, Sliver Snake or a Bronze Bomber
Get the best out of your days racing by increasing muscle efficiency and speeding up recovery while reducing cramping. Over all better athletic performance with added electrolytes for complete rehydration.
Enduro Blast – R1225
Enduro Recovery – R500 up to R1000
Approx 20- 40mins.
Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium Sulphate
15 minutes in 200ml saline
± 45 minutes in 1L saline
PRICE: R950 (200 ml saline)
PRICE: R1000 (1L saline)
Anti-inflammatory / Auto-immune Drip
In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties and joint pain relief, this multi-tasker also combats fatigue, improves mood, sleep cycles, circulation and immune support while reducing stress and anxiety.
 Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium Sulphate, Glutathione, high dose Vitamin C
15 minutes in 200ml saline
± 45 minutes in 1L saline
PRICE: R1 350 (200 ml saline)
PRICE: R1 400 (1L saline)
The mother of all drips! This powerhouse performer will boost your energy, mood, immune system, performance day and night, all while detoxing and rehydrating your body from within.
Includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Glutathione and electrolytes packed into 1L of rehydrating fluid for additional electrolytes and complete rehydration, or in 200ml of saline for a quicker drip time.
 15 minutes in 200ml saline
± 45 minutes in 1L saline
PRICE: R1 150 (200 ml saline)
PRICE: R1 200 (1L saline) Relaxation


Please click the link below for the full XCO Catalogue

The XCO group has been in the branding business for over 35 years.

When the Roof of Africa needed rebranding, XCO was our first choice. If you like what we have done with our merchandise and branding, have a look and see what XCO can do for you! Contact them today for all you branding needs.

Christelle Zietsman
Cell: 072 673 5568

Jorne Du Plessis
Cell: 082 550 8561

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